kigurumi onesieWelcome to Ladeda’s ultimate American Kigurumi animal costume site. We are honored to bring you a wide variety of Kigurumis (Japanese animal costumes).

Ladedas Kigurumi sells products geared towards Japanese Animation for Cosplay, Lolita accessories and a variety of costume supplies and accessories. Our company was established Autumn of 2008 and has been responsible for providing some out-standing kigurumies, custom character onesies, costume onesie accessories, and more. Our specialty is in the detail we put into custom designs on our hand made products. Our regular customers particularly value our originality, uniqueness and one of a kind designs on certain hand made and crafted products. Our business is office based in New York, NY.

Business Name:  Kigurumi Online Shop

Website: https://www.kigurumies.com/

Hours: 7/24 Online

Email:  info@kigurumies.com

Phone: +1 (212) 990-6589

Business Mailing Address:   

2412 Rosewood Lane
New York, NY 10001